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Recently We have had a number of issues where peop;ole are looking for the major versions of their agents for upgrade planning.

Atttached is a Perl Script (in a WinZip file) we made that is very light weight and uses a Profiler (Policy Server Trace) file to find the information.

Here is some example OutPut:

C:\temp\teststuff>         NEITHER CA, INC. NOR ANY OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND AFFILIATES ("CA") NOR ANY COMMUNITY MEMBER SHALL BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER OR ANY OTHER MEMBER OR THIRD PARTY FOR DIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT AND/OR SPECIAL DAMAGES FOR ANY CLAIMS ARISING FROM OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH YOUR DECISION TO ACCESS OR USE ANY SUCH FILES, EVEN IF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES IS, OR SHOULD HAVE BEEN, KNOWN.  THESE FILES ARE PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION OF ANY KIND EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY/SATISFACTORY QUALITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGMENT. Your usage of any such Files is at your own risk.  You are solely responsible for testing such Files prior to implementing them in either a test or production environment.  We encourage you to check for any documentation (if provided) by looking in the document comments or on the message boards for a corresponding thread for additional information (if available). It is recommended to deploy/implement in a test or QA environment before implementing in a production environment. Such Files are not covered by CA's Support Policy and Terms.  CA will not under any circumstances support them. Please enter "Yes" to agree to the Disclaimer/EULA and accept all         responsibility for side effects of running this script. Yes Description:         This Program is for finding Agent Versions connecting to a Policy Server         It takes a "Profiler" that uses the following minimal configuration:                 components: IsProtected/Resource_Protection                 data: Message, Data, AgentName, IPAddr Enter input filename: smtracedefault.log Enter output filename: Agents.txt C:\temp\teststuff>

This sample was a for a singleconnection that was for an front end to an ERP agent. The text file looks like:

CA SiteMinder Web Agent API checkin Tool This iteration run: Tue Dec 13 09:58:17 2011. Found Version 6.0 Web Agent named "ApacheNative" connecting on IP "::ffff:" 2 time(s)

The above is an example of V2.1


This was created with the Perl version 5.12.2 for win32, distribution from ActiveState

EDIT: V3.0 ihas been added. More information on 3.0 below.
*** V2.1 tells you how often an isprotected is done which is useful to show if an agent may be causing an high amount of traffic.
*** V3.0 keys off of the monitoring data which is on a set interval and works slightly differently as a result.

Edit on 2012-10-19
Renaming tools.
AgentVersions is for finding version information only. (3.x line of the previous script)
AgentCheckin is for how often agents are checing in, and can be used to find major versions as well. (2.x line of the previous script, now its own line since updates may be neeed in the future)