CA DLP Tuesday Tip:  How to check the version of BOXI

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CA DLP Tuesday Tip for December, 2011 by Andrew Devine, Sr. Support Engineer

CA Business Intelligence is new to CA DLP in r14.0

CABI (CA Business Intelligence) is a set of reporting and analytic software that is utilized by a variety of CA Technologies products for the purposes of presenting information and supporting business decisions. CA Technologies products use CA Business Intelligence to integrate, analyze, and then present, through a variety of reporting options, vital information required for effective enterprise IT management.

Included in CA Business Intelligence Release 03.2.00 is SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP3, a complete suite of information management, reporting, and query and analysis tools.

CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Release 03.2.00 is the official version of CA Business Intelligence, packaged with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI (BOXI) 3.1 SP3. If there is no existing installation of CA Business Intelligence, BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP3 is installed.

To determine the version of BOXI installed on your system, go to the CABI install directory on the BOXI server and locate the following directory;


By default

C:\program files\CA\SC\CommonReporting3

In this directory is a file named "". The top section of this text file is entitled [BOXI] and includes the version details.


Version=BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 3 SP3