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Is it possible to use the XOG API from InfoPath?

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2014 by claydweller
We are developing an InfoPath form for end users who do not have Clarity licenses to enter new work requests which upon approval, should get pushed to Clarity and loaded as a new Idea record.
I have developed many interfaces using the XOG API in .NET before, but have not really worked with InfoPath and the InfoPath team isn't sure they can do it either.

We are trying to do a proof of concept where they call a simple NSQL query that returns a hard-coded value.

They can call the WSDL URL and see the Login, Logout, and Query methods.

Again, I am not totally familiar with how InfoPath works, but I am assuming they would have to call the Login method first and somehow get the SessionID/auth value in order to then call the query, right?

Anyone have experience doing this?