IDMS R18 Install Using MSM

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Dec 13, 2011
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Fellow Listers,

I am contemplating the installation of IDMS R18 using MSM and have a nagging concern that it might not be as simple as the R18 install guide implies. The environment is Z/OS 1.11 with IDMS DB/DC and no CICS, UCF/TSO or SQL issues to muddy the waters.

I have done my RTFM (that is Read the [color=#2c04f7]Fine[color] Manual) homework as well as reviewing the IDMS posts on the CA IDMS communities site and concluded that the MSM process generally seems to work as advertised.

After many years of doing Cullinet and later, CA IDMS installations, I still have this nagging feeling. If it seems too good to be true...

I would appreciate any input on potential "gotchas" and helpful hints before starting this install.

TIA - Harold Govan