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Cost Plans - error when populating from Resource Plan (Assignments)

Question asked by Will.Tonini on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2011 by Connie_Fu

I created a cost matrix with only one column ("Resource Role") besides the default columns (From Date, To Date, Rate, Standard Cost, Actual Cost) based on the roles I have in my project, as well as adding one row where Resource Role ="*", to provide a default cost in case a role in my project is not mapped in the matrix (at least this is my understanding).

When I clicked on Financial Plans for my project, selected the cost matrix I created, clicked on [Populate From Resource Plan], and selected "Copy from Assignments", I got the error message "REVMGR-20726:Rates are missing for one or more roles/resources". If I select "Copy from Allocations", the cost plan is populated without errors.

I have reviewed the cost matrix many times to make sure all roles in my project are mapped there, but I'm still getting this error message when copying from assignments. Any ideas?