IBM HTTP Server on AIX6.1

Discussion created by TieZheng.Sun on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2012 by Hiko_Davis
Hi All,

Does PowerPack for Web Servers v9.0.7.2 support IBM HTTP Server on AIX6.1?
When I install PPWS v9.0.7.2 on AIX6.1 using IntroscopeStandalonePP9.0.7.2unix.bin, i can not find the choice for PowerPack for Web Servers.
From the SampleResponseFile.StandalonePowerPacks.txt, there is a line as below:

"#Set this property to true to install Power Pack For Web Servers (not supported on HP-UX and AIX)"

So, does PPWS v9 not support AIX?
However, i find "Any OS officially supported by underlying web server" from APM_Compatibility_Guide_90x.xls.
I confused...

Anybody have ideas for this situation?

Thanks in advance!