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Goodbye to NIKU STATUS ALL command

Discussion created by Georgy N Joseph on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by ShameemAhmed
HI Friends,

We installed Clarityv13 today and the installation was smooth and fast, thanks to the new Database image that comes with clarityv13 installation media.

But we were a little worried when we could not find many of the standard files in the bin directory of NIKU_HOME , some core files like niku...
We soon figured out that it was time to say goodbye to our old NIKU STATUS STOP START commands.

From now on, we will have commands like:-

service status all
service start all
service stop all
service stop start app bg

So just dont panic when you dont find the old commands not working or the niku file in the bin folder:grin:

And v13.....its a beauty!!!!!!