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WILY EM service died unexpectedly on windows

Question asked by flatpeach on Sep 10, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Wily introscope enterprise manager service died again on 2010.09.04 12:01 and couldn't be started.I noticed the following familiar error messages in IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log, which was shown before when EM servcie died.
9/04/10 12:02:00 上午 CST [INFO] [Manager.TransactionTracer] Storage directory configured to F:\usr\sap\ccms\wilyintroscope\traces
9/04/10 12:02:00 上午 CST [INFO] [Manager.TransactionTracer] Configured to 1000
9/04/10 12:02:05 上午 CST [ERROR] [Manager] Trace data detected an unrecoverable problem in the opening process. Enterprise Manager will be shutdown.
9/04/10 12:02:05 上午 CST [ERROR] [Manager] The EM failed to start. Trace data cannot be opened due to an error in opening the file
9/04/10 12:02:05 上午 CST [INFO] [Manager] Shutting down data persistence subsystem
9/04/10 12:02:34 上午 CST [INFO] [Manager] Shutting down the Isengard server
9/04/10 12:02:34 上午 CST [INFO] [Manager] Orderly shutdown complete.

I removed the files both in traces and data to make the service could be started normally.EM service died many times in last few months.
now i'm very concerning two questions.
1. Why the EM service died? Will be the the cause for trace data is overflow? Or is there other cause?
2. How to correc the error? the EM service died many times...