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EEM for APM on Linux

Question asked by Ramiro.Estrada on Dec 20, 2011
Has anyone successfully installed the EEM version bundled with APM From my experience so far, the requirements seem a bit unclear and there are many errors upon installation.

Particularly the issues below are what I have experienced:

- Scripts in /etc/init.d have path errors such as assuming /opt/CA as the install path even though a separate path was given to the install script. This was mitigated by a symlink to my desired path (due to nfs storage needs)
- dxserver script has many calls to paths with incorrect casing which end up failing. (Linux is case sensitive)
- dxserver script also makes calls to relative paths and if not called from the proper starting directory, will fail
- dxserver script assumes there is a specific user running the process and it uses the owner of the files to determine the process user.
- utlimately the dxserver fails to start.

In short.. there are problems.. So hoping someone has done this successfully and/or has some tips to share.