Conditional Release of Job

Discussion created by PaulThalmann on Sep 13, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2010 by RBennett
Is it possible to use conditional release of jobs based on the return code of a specific step of a mainframe job?

What I have been able to find in the manuals is does not go down to the step level. Here is an example from the 5.5 Reference Guide:

We have a job that may have a return code of 1 in two different steps. We will say STEPA and STEPB. Is there a way to use the above logic to release a job if STEPA has a return code of 0 and STEPB has a return code of 1? But if STEPA has a non-zero return code, we do not want to release the next job.

I could use a stepend monitor and our SPECIAL schedule to accomplish what I am trying to do, but if this logic can do what I am trying to do, I would rather use it.