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V13 : (NSQL) links to custom subobject lists

Question asked by Dave on Dec 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by Dave
(wholly willing to accept its because I'm running on a unsupported platform (see other posts)) but I have some odd behaviour in my new V13 POC environment;

I have a NSQL based portlet that contains a link to a subobject list with a project. When I use that link in the portlet, it takes me to a list of all the subobject instances (not just to the ones associated with the master project).


I saw this on an upgraded portlet/subobject, so I just tried creating a NEW subobject in V13 to see if that worked;

What I did was;

Create a new OBJECT "test13" as a SUBOBJECT of the PROJECT object.
(just with default attributes)

Gave my user create/edit rights over my test13 object.

I went to my first project "MOUNT RUSHMORE" in the application and created 2 new instances of 'test13' ; "MOUNT RUSHMORE 01" and "MOUNT RUSHMORE 02"

I went to my second project "CADBURY" and created a single new instance "CADBURY 01"

( When I navigate around the projects, the lists display fine )

I have a portlet that contains project information; so I add a new Link to it;

name "to_TEST", action "Project TEST13 List Link" and the single Object ID I provide is the project "ID" from my query.

When I associate that new link to a FIELD in my portlet and click on it for (eg) "CADBURY" project I see the below list;

(and if I click into the "MOUNT RUSHMORE 01" instance and then immediately "Return", I find myself in the "MOUNT RUSHMORE" project rather than the "CADBURY" one (but the list is correct then that I see only 2 instances))