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Timeperiods when the time entry turned OFF

Question asked by venkitta.subramanian on Sep 15, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2010 by venkitta.subramanian
Clarity V12.04

We turned OFF the time entry for some of the consultants due to the following situations.

1) When a consultant is rolled off from the project and waiting for another assignment within the same organization
2) Due to family emergency, a consultant visits his/her home country and return to onsite after couple of months
3) We set up the consultant well ahead of time (a month before) and turned it back ON when he/she actually starts working in the project


1) I believe the timesheets are created based on the hire date of the resource. If the hire date is NULL or Blank, clarity creates back time periods. How do we prevent this?
2) Turned the time entry OFF for some time and turned it back ON creates all back time periods. We had to re-open the time period, submit zero timesheet and close the time periods for timesheet compliance and reporting. How do we handle this situation?
3) If a resource is active then timesheet must be submitted either zero hours or actual hours until the resource is set to inactive. Is this TRUE?

Any thoughts or ideas will be highly appreciated.