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replace role with named resources

Question asked by venkitta.subramanian on Dec 28, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2011 by sundar
Clarity 12.1.1

There are several new projects starting next fiscal year and the PMs are trying to replace roles with named resources.

After replace a role with named resources (assume it is soft booked and available for the period), the role did not disappear . We can see both roles and named resource after the replacement. Currently, we manually delete the role after the replacement.

I'm not sure whether this is due to the following situations:

1) If the role's availability is less/more than resource's availability, how the allocation will be distributed to the named resource? Assume, we have role's availability is 7 hours per day and resource's availability is 9 hours per day.
2) If the role is assigned to multiple tasks with ETC, how the allocation/ETC will be distributed at the task level to the named resource?
3) If the resource is 'hard booked' can the project manager (assume Resource manager manage resources) replace from a role? Or the PM can replace a role only if the resource is 'Soft' booked?
4) If the named resource has the termination date, can the project manager replace a role with the resource's past termination date?
5) If the named resource is available only 50% but if we replace from a role for 100%, will the remaining allocation/ETC stay with the role?
6) We have hundreds of unfilled roles. Is there anyway we can replace more than one role with more than one named resources? or we can replace one role at a time?
7) Is the Transfer Assignment feature is the same as Role Replacement?

Appreciate your help