Custom Job in Clarity

Discussion created by TDBecker on Sep 17, 2010
Hi all, I'm still working through my upgrade from Clarity 8.1 to R12. I have a custom job that was created in java and did execute under 8.1. After the upgrade, it started failing while trying to find it's configuration file.

I added some debugging code, and noticed that it was looking for the config file under a different location, (8.1 was under my Clarity folder, R12 is Clarity\bin). After changing the program to look under Clarity\bin, it started working.

Does anyone know if the bg or scheduled jobs now run under \bin as part of the new version, or did I accidentally change something during the upgrade?

I was able to get it running again by changing all of the references to files so they take into account the \bin folder, so this isn't a 'hot' topic, just a question.

I'll be migrating my QA this next week, so I'll pay close attention to the intall of the bg exe.