CA DLP Tuesday tip: Adding portlets to the CA DLP r14.0 iConsole

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on Jan 3, 2012
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CA DLP Tuesday Tip for January 3rd 2012 by Andrew Devine, Sr. Support Engineer

Adding portlets to the CA DLP r14.0 iConsole.

Portlets are elements which can be added to the CA DLP iConsole home page that display relevant information, for example reports, charts, or lists of searches.

Administrators maintain common portlets that any user can select and configure and can pin mandatory portlets to every home page. (Administrators must create common portlets before creating a default homepage.)

To create a common portlet

1. Select the Home tab in the CA DLP iConsole, and click Customize, The Customize Home Page wizard opens.
2. Click New Portlet and click a portlet type.The Home Page Portlet wizard opens.
3. Define required parameters.
a. Specify settings that depend on the portlet type.
b. Select the check box to specify that anyone can use this portlet.
c. (Optional) Select the check box to pin this portlet to every home page.
You have defined the basic details.
4. Click Close.

The portlet is saved and is available to all users. Click Settings on the portlet to customize it further.

For more information on portlets and customizing the home page, please refere to the CA DLP Platform Deployment Guide "DLP_Platform_ENU.pdf" which is available to donwload from the CA Support Portal ( or MyCA (