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End user can't delete action Items created by a process when complete

Question asked by Ruthann Spencer on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2012 by Ruthann Spencer
Good day everyone. I need some help and guidance in the process arena.

I have an out of the box process for Issue Review and Escalation (catsissueprocess10). It is generating action items to be dealt with by the Object Role of 'Manager'.

The Manager has action items appearing in the Organizer under the Action Item Tab (expected behavior)
The Manager has performed the action by setting the status to 'Resolved'
The Action Item does not drop off the Manager's list of items nor is there a way to delete it (no delete option exists).

How can I get these to go away from the Organizer once the item has been actioned? Is there a step or post condition that I need to add to the process to accomplish this?

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome and appreciated!!