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How does clarity Xog Feature work?

Question asked by shalinee on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2012 by shalinee
Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year 2012 to all!!!!!!!

I am facing some issues in use of CA Clarity XOG feature for migration of object from one environment to other. As, when I am using CA OOTB provided object read file to read an Idea object the it is extracting everything in the Write File means Idea, Project Application as well as it is doing the override default for all the attribute where default value is set in any of the object mentioned earlier.

Also when I am using the parameter no_dependencies=true then it is not carrying over my view changes means my Form layout changes, List Changes, Filter page changes. In this way it is not generating xml for any other object other than Idea and no override default issue while mike layout changes and other view changes are not moving.

Can anyone suggest how other people are using this XOG feature for doing migration of OOTB objects, Object Based Portlets . I have raised the ticket for the same in CA Support and they said without using the no dependency parameter if you are doing the XOG Out of Idea Object it will take all the related object as well and Override default is an DEFECT in product while there is no response from them on weird behavior on use of no dependency parameter.

We are on CA Clarity R12 SP4, MS SQL Server 2005 and Tomcat as web server.

Any suggestion is most welcome.