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Sub-Object Instances Not copied when Idea is Converted to Project

Question asked by DevK on Sep 22, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by DK33

We are using the standard Idea to Project conversion in Clarity 12.0.3 (Select Approved Idea and Convert to Investments/Project)

We have decided to create a sub-object for Idea as well as Project object, to capture information relevant to both objects. Hence, we decided to create the Sub-Object as a child of Investment Object. By doing this, the new sub-object was available at both, Project and Idea objects.

However, if we convert an Idea to a Project, the sub-object information related to Idea Instance are not pulled over to Project. Interestingly, attributes created at the Investment level, available in Idea Properties, are copied over to project.

Is there a way, we can pull the sub-object instances for an idea when it is converted to Project? Will this specifically require a GEL script or a standard Clarity configuration trick would help?