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Dynamic Workflow Process Participants

Question asked by MikeGillespie on Sep 23, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2010 by rajeev.sharma
I have a workflow that I am trying to build a process for and need some advise. I have a form with about 10 attributes. The attributes represent business areas that need to provide information into this workflow. Once the business unit is done compiling the information needed they are done. Once all business units are done the workflow can move forward. So, you can think about the attributes with names such as Need A, Need B, Need C, etc. and each letter represents a different business area that needs to do something before the workflow can continue. Getting a process built that notifies 10 different business areas and requires them to select done an action item isn’t a problem.

The challenge I am having is that they want the Need X attributes to be checkboxes and whichever of the 10 Need attributes is checked when the workflow starts those are the business areas that will participate in the workflow and need to complete action items. The other unchecked Need areas are ignored. So one workflow might include Need A,D,E,G. The next G,F,C,D,I,K and so on. Each workflow will be unique and can have any combination of the 10 needs include in it. Action items will need to go out to those checked and when all the checked items are done the workflow can continue.

Any ideas on how a workflow can be designed that allows for this dynamic selection of participants/notifications?

Thanks in advance!