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Introscope on Clearquest: No Database metrics??

Question asked by Ramiro.Estrada on Jan 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by MaryGreening
We've recently installed the introscope agents (v9.0.6.2) on a version of IBM's ClearQuest which runs on Weblogic (go figure) and noticed that we get many good metrics as expected but are not getting our database calls captured. Which is really too bad because the main reason the ClearQuest team wanted Introscope was to look at SQL query stats. After working with the admin team and back and forth with the vendor it was found that ClearQuest does not do JDBC but rather it is using datadirect drivers to access the oracle database.

Now for my question..has anyone successfully instrumented ClearQuest or datadirect to get the same metrics we would expect to see for jdbc?