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Business Objects Install fails to connect to database

Question asked by NickSvolos on Sep 29, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Hi all. I'm having a problem that is probably compounded by the fact that I haven't done a Clarity Install in several years. I've got a 12.0 system up and running happily, but the Business Objects part of the install won't proceed, giving me an error that says:

"Validating CMS Database Connectivity
Could not connect to the database. Either the database is not running or the connection parameters are incorrect."

The database is an MSSQL instance, and I've set up the ODBC in about as vanilla a manner as I can come up with:

Name: niku
Server: <server name>
Authentication: SQL Server
Connect with Login: niku
password: <niku's password>
Change the default database to: NIKU

Everything else is the defaults, and the Test Connectivity from the ODBS setup passes successfully.

The CMS Database Settings page in the Business Objects install has:
DNS Name: niku
Database Name: niku
User Name: niku
Password:<the same password>

And yet, I keep getting the same error. I figure I must be missing something pretty obvious, but can't seem to dig up anything. Does anyone have any ideas of what I'm missing?