CA DLP r14.0 Documentation Bookshelf Update

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CA DLP r14.0 Documentation Bookshelf Update posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 17 January 2012

As part of CA's ongoing commitment to quality, the CA DLP r14.0 bookshelf has been updated. The latest bookshelf is now available via the following link:

CA DLP r14.0 Bookshelf

If you have downloaded earlier copies of the CA DLP r14.0 Bookshelf please replace them with the latest version.

The CA DLP r14.0 bookshelf includes the following changes;

14.0 Policy Guide 3rd Edition (DLP_Policy_ENU.pdf) includes corrections to the User Attribute Lookup Examples.

PDF names above have been referenced for convenience, however changes have been applied to both HTML and PDF versions.

Note: The edition of revised guides is printed on the bottom right hand corner of the cover page.