Configuration encryption is broken in v13

Discussion created by Edmund_Jones Employee on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by Edmund_Jones

It has been determined that there is an issue with the configuration encryption in Clarity in v13.0. This is the feature that encrypts the passwords inside of the properties.xml file.

This affects the following two scenarios:

An upgrade will fail if encryption is enabled during the upgrade itself. You need to disable encryption via the NSA/CSA prior to upgrade.

Enabling encryption after upgrade or on a new v13 system will render the Clarity services (included the CSA) unavailable. You would need to remove the encryption section from the properties.xml file and update the passwords to their clear text equivalents (manually.)

Development is working on a fix for this critical issue and we apologize for the for the inconvenience. We will endeavor to provide a timely update through the message boards and other media as and when the fix is imminent.

Edmund Jones
Support Delivery Manager, Clarity
CA Technologies