Process Start Condition On a Static Lookup Attribute

Discussion created by jtaunk on Jan 19, 2012
We just upgraded to Clarity 12.1.1 from Clarity 7.5.3. There is a process which has a start condition as below:
( Project Copy Task Structure from Project != null ) ,
The attribute "Project Copy Task Structure from Project " is attached to a static lookup.
This condition doesnt works in 12.1.1 and I am trying to change the condition so that I can achieve the same functionality in 12.1.1.
But I am not able to get the option for comparing the old value to a new value for this attribute. I am not sure if this is a bug with a static lookup or not.
I see a radio button labeled as Previous Value but there is no value to select from that option, so I cannot add it to the process start condition.
The requirement is simple. If this attribute changes, start the process. Constraint, this is a static lookup value.

Any ideas whats going on?