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Resource Allocations and Availablity Extract To Excel

Question asked by calth02 on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Clarity 8.1.5
Resource Planning -> Allocations

I have a view with Allocations, Resource Availability, and Under-Allocation for each resource. For every project the resoource is assigned, I get
Week 1 Week 2
Project A Allocations 12 6
Resource Availability 40 40
Under-Allocation 28 34

Project B Allocations 1 2
Resource Availaibility 40 40
Under-Allocation 39 38

Project C Allocations 6 0
Resource Availability 40 40
Under-Allocations 34 40

When I export to Excel, all of this data is displayed side by side insted of stacked as it is in the Clarity view. If I try to create a pivot table with this data, it will tell me that for week 1 the resource is available 120 hrs and is under-allocated by 101 hrs and for week 2 that the resource is available for 120 hrs and under-allocated by 112 hrs. All of the values get added together and what I am looking for is to have all of the allocations, the resource is only available for 40 hrs for that given week and that the resources is under-allocated by the total allocations minus only the one instance of resource availability (i.e for week 1 the resource is underallocated by 21 hrs and for week 2 is under-allocated by 32 hrs). I don't want the resource allocations and under-allocation to be cumulative.

Does anyone know how I can fix this or am I stuck having to delete the extraneous data in the excel extract. Thanks