David Parker, VP World Wide Support, Discusses Service Assurance Support

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The Service Assurance business continues to grow and evolve, which sometimes means supporting that business becomes increasingly difficult. But our teams are up to the challenge and ready to ensure we remain leaders in the market place

Many of the teams have faced fairly significant obstacles to success over the past year which clearly reflected in our responsiveness, Issues resolved daily, time to resolution, and eventually customer satisfaction. The entire Support Management Team has spent tireless hours understanding the challenges the teams faced, making and executing on plans to get the business back to a healthy state. There were a number of factors that impacted the level of support provided from attrition, training, acquisition transitions, and in some instances the right level of commitments.

The Service Assurance Team has focused on several things to address the level and quality of support provided. First and foremost, we needed to ensure that everyone understood the current state of the business, listen carefully to their feedback on the plan we developed, and then get their buying buy-in and commitment to being a contributing member of the team. Once we set expectations and established a renewed focus on our core values and essential behaviors, our teams began their transformations. Thanks to quality collaboration at the Sr. Management level within Support, the Service Assurance Team invested in staffing and Spectacular training where most needed. There are many aspects to our plan, too many to discuss them all here, but what should be clear is each and every action is squarely focused on improving the quality of the entire customer experience.

For the past 3 quarters we have spent significant time across the entire portfolio focusing on reduction of backlog, setting clear expectations, setting and meeting next actions, and working with our partners in the business to improve product quality, and the results of these efforts are now reflecting in our improving and in some cases recovering customer satisfaction scores.

Our customers tell us regularly how much they have seen the level and quality of the support they receive has improved, but that’s not enough for us. We will continually strive to do better.