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Timesheet not showing ETCs

Question asked by Keri Taylor on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by Keri Taylor
Hi All,

Was hoping to understand why a resource that would show ETC's on the task assignment, not see the ETC's on the timesheet?

1. checked the resources ETC's on the task - [color=#fa0a0a]check[color]
2. checked the resources timesheet - no ETC's - [color=#fa0a0a]check[color]
3. slices are showing ETC's, datamart is showing ETC's - [color=#fa0a0a]check[color]
4. the resource is active, open - [color=#fa0a0a]check[color]
5. the task is open, active, finish date is not in the past - [color=#fa0a0a]check[color]
6. the project is open, active - [color=#fa0a0a]check[color]

Just trying to think of everything and i am sure i am probably missing something simple... ugh

Any help would be greatly appreciated