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Project Locks during Resource Management Activity ?

Question asked by AndySol on Jan 23, 2012
I am rolling out the use of Clarity Resource Management across a user base of 2,500 resources - using "Booking Managers" to own resource and soft/hard book resources to projects. I am trying to understand whether there can be concurrent access and update of Project and Project Team details by Booking Managers and the Project Manager of the Clarity plan (ie. how does the project locking work).

As examples:
i) if the Project Manager is editing the Clarity plan, would the Booking Managers be able to allocate or amend resources in the Project Team Tab ? Would this be possible under any circumstances ?

ii) if a Booking Manager has the 'Weekly Detail" portlet open in Edit mode and this has multiple Team records in it, would this affect the ability of the Project Manager to view or edit any of the displayed Plans ? Would there be a difference between the locks held in Clarity and the locks taken when opening the Plan in Open Workbench ?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated, or if you could point me to the relevant Clarity manual where this is covered please ......

Thanks, Andy.