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WHILE this does not pertain to V18 exclusively - this might be considered timely

Does your shop regularly modify vendor-supplied MESSAGES MODULES or RECORDD?

If so - don't sole rely upon a paper trail - you can run this kind of job to determine what SYSTEM dictionary entities have changed since the last install

1) Determine the date / time of the last install

2) Run a job to extract the selected object info:

[color=#050efc]<<<<<<<<<<<<<< See Culprit in Attachment >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[color]

3) Extract info from the delivered members in


(this will obviously depend upon what dictionary you are comparing against)

[color=#050efc]<<<<<<<<<<<<<< See Culprit in Attachment >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[color]

Then compare the output of the two extracts ...

[color=#050efc]<<<<<<<<<<<<<< See Culprit in Attachment >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[color]

Then pass the output to IDD to punch the updated object - to be inspected and (if desired) punched back after upgrade!

Records and modules are reasonably easy because the include the TIME of the update - when you see 1 few objects with times later from the mass (as in updated in a separate run from the mass install) you can tell easily where to set the threshold for the compare step However messages are more difficult as they have no last update time - perhaps if your shop employs comments or a different userid to update system objects - this will help determine what needs to be preserved .....

Chris Hoelscher