January 2012 - Webcast Replay - Is an Upgrade Right For You? Why you should

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Jan 25, 2012
Here are the webcast replay details for the CA Wily/APM Global User Community Webcast on January 19, 2012.


Is an Upgrade Right For You? Why you should consider a move to APM 9.1

APM 9.1 unleashes the next generation of APM with the industry’s first and only unified application, infrastructure and network performance solution that eliminates infrastructure and network blind spots to put customers firmly in control of the end-user experience. APM 9.1 also features major performance improvements to agent performance and overall APM scalability.

In this presentation, we will explore APM 9.1, the latest version of APM released in December 2011, with product manager Raj Marripalli, who will discuss the top 3 reasons to upgrade:

Efficiently triage beyond applications and into the infrastructure so that you know what your server/infrastructure administrators are viewing in their monitoring consoles
Get complete control of end-user experience by unifying the network and end-user monitoring
Enable your organization to optimize and simplify APM for rapid time-to-value and higher ROI

Click one of the links below to view the webcast recording. Session 2 is a higher quality recording.

Session 1
Session 2