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PMO Accelerator v3.0 Overwrites Project/Idea Edit  View in V13

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by capda01
We have V13 running in our new environment and I just installed the PMO Accelerator 3.0 which appears to have overwritten the custom edit screens we had for the Project and Idea objects. These objects had significant customization and subpages and will take a long time to recreate manually. I know in the PMO Accelerator documentation it talks about View Protection, but the Project Edit screen is not one of the views listed.

I'm guessing the answer is probably no, but was wondering if it's possible to get my custom views back or if I'm out of luck and have to do it manually.

I like the new enhancemens to some of the portlets, but if it's going to overwrite these views, it may not be worth it.

Can't understand how they could let the accelerator do that.