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Portlet > Access to this Portlet > Group

Question asked by navzjoshi00 Champion on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2012 by another_martink
I might have observed this for the first time.

One of the groups (which is inactive), is attached to a portlet. Now, when I access the path - Portlet > Access to this Portlet > Group, I can see the portlet. However, the page has 3 columns -
Group Name ; Active ; Access Right

Although the group is inactive, there is a checkmark under the Active column, which would suggest that the group is active - which should not be the case.

I ran an SQL trace, and got the below SQL -

select distinct(a.right_id),
a.principal_id system_group_id,
a.object_instance_id item_id,
g.group_name group_name,
sg.group_name system_group_name,
from cmn_sec_assgnd_obj_perm a, cmn_sec_groups_v sg, cmn_sec_groups_v g
where a.principal_type = 'GROUP'
and a.object_instance_id = 5025016
and = a.right_id
and g.right_type = 'CMN_PORTLETS'
and g.language_code='en'
and = a.principal_id
and sg.language_code='en'
AND NLS_UPPER(sg.group_name) LIKE NLS_UPPER('GROUPNAME%') ESCAPE '\' order by system_group_name;

Running the above query I noticed that the g.group_name shows Portlet - View and g.is_active shows 1

Hunch is that the Active column is not for the system group name, but for the Portlet - View

Any comments on this ? I thought of raising a bug for this, but thought of walkin' it throu the talented community members first .. :grin: