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SQL Server Bulk Insert Operator Query

Question asked by Bob_Lomax_UK on Jan 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by Bob_Lomax_UK

I need to open a file, get that data into a dataset and then write the values of the multi-row data set in to SQL Server 2008.

I have a small flow that works up to the point where I try to call a Bulk Insert operator, which fails telling me that I have this error:
"The interpreted datatype of the value in JDBCInsertMapArray does not match the destination datatype."

The SQL connection is good - I have been able to verify this with a simple SQL Insert using literal values - a row appears in my database.
I have the dataset loaded and all values appear.
The dataset is type Named, with all fields set to string. Same datatypes are on the database.
I have made sure all fields in the dataset are named exactly the same as the columns on the target table (Don't know if this is even required).

I think the actual error message is misleading because I can deliberately change the dataset name or the (Data Source???) table name to nonsense and I get the same error.

Can anyone help with general tips on Bulk Insert, even if they can't see my problem?