Access Rights / Project Subtabs / V13 related (but not just a V13 question)

Discussion created by Dave on Feb 1, 2012
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Ok, forgive me I'm going to ramble on a bit here... :bored:

The short-version (which isn't going to be that short :sleep: ....) :

Does anyone know is there is a way to remove / disable the project sub-tabs that I am not interested in my Project manager seeing?

(so this is the things like the 'Subprojects' / 'Dependencies' / 'Baseline' links that appear within the project - i.e. NOT a sub-page (where I can control with a display condition), but a sub-tab)

The appearance of these sub-tabs does appear to be controlled somewhat by access rights, in that if I don't have the Project - View Management / Project - Edit Management access rights then I don't necessarily see them.

(I have found a similar earlier thread Estimating Page on the Project Object View - Help which was left unresolved (with support))


The long-version :

I want to create a subobject of project called "Dependencies" - there is a stock sub-tab also called "Dependencies" - that is not going to work unless I can get rid of that sub-tab (which is to do with inter-project dependecies in portfolio management, which I am not using).

It gets worse.... I want to do this in a V13 system I am prototyping at the moment, and the new menu structure makes this really visible as a problem / confusion for the users (see screen shot below).

So in v13 there seems to be a new access right (it may have appeared in later V12.1 SPs?) called "Project - View Base" (different to "Project view - Management") and "view base" does not include seeing the sub-tabs like I want - GREAT :grin: ..... but there is no equivalent "Edit Base", only "Edit Management" (and the PM automatically gets a bunch of rights on the project, including seeing those sub-tabs). :sad


So what I am really after here is any ideas on how I can give access to a project, such that a user (not necessarily the project manager) can edit the "base" details of the project (name, description, schedule etc) but not automatically also see these annoying sub-tabs (which in V13 appear as menu items).

(to be honest I am OK with "Subprojects", its "Dependencies", "Baseline" and "Estimating" that are going to be a distraction.... my workaround is going to be to rename the links somehow (hopefully in the NLS tables/files on the server) or edit the source code, but I REALLY REALLY don't want to do that)