Xcelsius Dashboard in Project Object(Dashboard tab)

Discussion created by ArunMohan on Feb 9, 2012
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Xcelsius Dashboard in Project Object(Dashboard tab)
Hello ,

I have a query in Xcelsius. Our business wants the xcelsius portlet to be placed on the each project dashboard tab. So is there is any way we can pass the project id(instance) in the xcelsius?

I mean if they select a project then the portlet must show the information corresponding to it. Right now I am just trying to print only the project name. The below is the query I am using.

From inv_investments inv
where inv.is_active <> 0
and inv.ID = @where:param:xml:Integet:/data/id/@value@
and @filter@

I have created the flash variables in Clarity corresponding to project object and mapping to object internal id attribute and same flash variable is created in Xcelsius also. But I couldn't able to get the result. But with the same query I created a grid portlet and I attached to it in Project Dashboard tab and I can able to get the result. So how we can get it pass in Xcelsius?