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Enterprise Manager MOM Usage

Question asked by VJRAM on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2013 by performance_guru
Hi Guys,

Can you help me to get some clarification on wily MOM Usage

Let me know if my below scenario's are correct

Lets say our env has TWO EMs (EM1 & EM2) and One MOM.

Scenario 1 - MoM For Clustering

I can direct agents to send metrics to MOM and ask MoM to balance the agents
metrics between those two collectors (EM1 & EM2)

Scenario 2 - No Clustering - just for unified view.

I will have five agents sending metrics to Collector 1 (EM1) and Five other
agents sending metrics to collector 2 (EM2). Now I will point those two
Collectors (EM1 & EM2) to MoM. -- I will just use MoM for unified view of
all agents in this scenario

But Clustering is not achieved because - If Collector 1 is down and agents
can't send metric to that collector 1 any more. If we follow scenario 1,
clustering is achiewed because MoM know to redirect them to Collector 2.

Thanks you for your response.