Suggestions when Viewing a Dataset

Discussion created by Andy_Thompson Employee on Feb 9, 2012
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CA Process Automation, Andy Thompson, Sr. Support Engineer, February 9, 2012

Viewing an ITPAM process Dataset can be confusing the first time you look at it. When you click on the palette on the left that says "Dataset", you see a drop down at the top of this palette that says "Process Dataset". So below this will be the variables or parameters that are global for the process. If you expand the drop down list at the top you will see the individual operators in the process. Selecting an operator here will show the parameters that are located in that operator.

Parameters can be categorized into pages to logically group them. But pages are strictly for viewing purposes and do not affect the path that is used to reference a parameter within your process. For this reason, you cannot give parameters the same name on two different pages. If the pages both fall under the same operator, then the parameter names on each page under that operator have to be unique.

I found that when I started learning the product I was tempted to click on all of the plus signs in the palette to expand each page and parameter. But the easiest way to view parameters and their values is to simply click on the top level folder or page in the palette on the left to view the parameters and values on the right. Only if you need to view the details of how a parameter is configured do you need to expand the folders in the palette on the left.

Hopefully this will help to make more sense of the Dataset palette in your process.