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WebSiteMonitor and Kerberos authentication

Question asked by vcsilva_isi on Feb 9, 2012
I use this very nice tool for some time.
This week i was putting one more synthetic URL to test a Microsoft Dashboard / report Server URL, the result was always the same .... got response code 401.
After talking with the team that manage this app, comparing to other similar report servers, is that this new platform is only accepting kerberos auth, the others use kerberos with fail back to NTLM if kerberos fails...
From the info located at the readme file, one of the enhancements is the possibility to use Kerberos or NTLM1 or 2.
Do anybody have a clue about why this specific test fails always with 401, I am sure tha the user credencials are OK, because i test it from the same test station :smug:

Version used is WebSiteMonitor 1.7
Jan 2011 by Corey Cohen from CA