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Clarity v13 and MSP 2007

Question asked by mag745 on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by b
We have hundreds of MSP schedules that we will like to have imported into clarity – we also want the PMs to be able to update their schedules in MSP if they so choose. For those who have already done this, how did you approach/handle this? How did you get your MSP plan data into clarity? Has anyone ever gotten the data in by saving the MSP in xml format and then xoging it in? If yes, how did you do it? Did you use the sample write file in the xml folder? If yes, how?

In addition, we have some custom MSP fields that we will like to bring into clarity but I am having some issues with mapping correctly in the MSPFIELD table. We want to use text25 in clarity to store information currently stored in text25 in the MSP schedule. What is the proper way to do the mapping? I already created in attribute in studio but not sure what to do in the MSPFIELD table. Your guidance is most welcome.

Thanks in advance.