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Upgrading Business Objects from CABIr2 to CABIr3- Linking Universes

Question asked by Tammi Champion on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by Robert Ensinger
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get some advice from the user community in regards to this upgrade. We have three custom universes since we did not want to splurge on the OOTB universes at the time :sad. We have a Resource Universe, Project Universe and a Custom Universe. When we upgrade to Clarity V13 we are getting the OOTB Universes for free which is super awesome :grin:, here is the question. Does the OOTB universe have the ODF tables built in? This way all we have to do is refresh the structure in BO Designer and create the objects in the universe? I heard someone say the best way to do it is Link your Custom Attribute Universe to the OOTB Universe. If so, who has been successful with this approach? How did you go about linking the universes? We eventually would like to create all of our reports using the OOTB universes but that will take some time. Any advice I can get would be awesome.