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How to restrict Agents Connection to the Cluster

Question asked by Suresh.Subramaniam on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by walter_kacynski
How do we restrict the agents connection to the cluster of APM 9.x, ie we need to allow only the list of agents that we specify in the loadbalancing.xml file to connect to the cluster and reject other agents which are not in the loadbalancing.xml file.
I tried with the below and it did not work, any idea on this would be much appreciated.
<agent-collector name="TEST LB">
<collector host="Collector1" port="5002"/>
<collector host="Collector2" port="5003"/>
<collector host="Collector3" port="5004"/>
In my above example i want to allow only the EPAgent25xx to connect to the cluster and reject all other agents that are trying to connect to the mom, i am using APM9060 with clustering config
Thanks in advance..