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Issues and questions while working Resources and Timesheets in Clarity 12.1

Question asked by vyomagni on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by vyomagni
[font=Arial][size=6]Hi All,
I am trying a few configurations for Resources and Timesheets in Clarity v12.1, and constantly hitting a block. Please help me out with appropriate solution to the following questions I have. I prefer an OOTB solution before taking to customization.

1. Create a group of resources, say a group of Helpdesk Executives. While staffing a project, if you select this group, all resources under this group should be added to the project's team list. Assignment thru roles and OBS did not give me a satisfactory result.
2. When an idea is converted to a project, the team planned during the idea stage is not carried forward into the project. Is there a way to achieve this?
3. Suppose that a resource has been staffed to a project. The resource’s booking manager allocates the same resource to some other project. How to account for the following scenarios?
a.In the first place, the booking manager should not be allowed to change the resource’s allocation without checking with the project manager. Is there an OOTB facility available to put a lock on a resource’s allocation?
b.When the booking manager does a different allocation, it results in over allocation of the resource. Will the resource’s project manager be notified of this?
c.Reversing the above scenarios, suppose that the project manager himself increases % allocation of a resource, which results in over allocation. Will the resource’s booking manager be notified of this?

1. How to set up a minimum no. of hours per day, which the users must fulfill? User should not be able to submit his timesheet less than minimum hours defined and an error message should be displayed to the submitter.
2. How to set up multiple level of approval for timesheet? For example, there will be three different managers – project manager, account manager and business manager – a timesheet will get into approved status only if all the three approve, in that order.
3. Have used the process Project Manager Approval to set up escalation of timesheet approval in the step Approval Action Item. For testing purpose have set the initial and final grace periods in minutes. Irrespective of the no. of minutes mentioned, the step is escalated to the next level after one minute. What could be wrong here? (See attachment)
4. Taking the scenario of helpdesk executives from resources issue list above, how can the same be implemented to submit timesheets? That is, each helpdesk exec will submit timesheet not as an individual, but as a member of the group; time will be recorded for the group.

Thanks in advance,