CA IDMS Boot Camp Training Opportunity - Plano, Texas

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[color=#1548d2][font=Times New Roman][size=7][center]CA IDMS DBA Boot Camp Training Opportunity[center][size][color]

[color=#000000]CA Technologies is soliciting interest for another "CA IDMS DBA Boot Camp" class to be held in the Plano, Texas Learning Center in early/mid March (actual date to be determined based on interest level). This is a very intense 5 day class and presumes a basic knowledge of mainframe concepts and facilities, and a basic understanding of database concepts (prerequisites). This class was designed with the intent to train someone familiar with another DBMS platform, and who has little or no knowledge of CA IDMS, and provide them with the basic skills necessary to maintain an existing CA IDMS footprint. A detailed description of the class can be found at:

CA IDMS DBA Boot Camp Class Description[font][color]

[color=#000000]Note that the class description reads CA IDMS Release 16.x. The basic concepts and facilities covered in this class pertain to all releases of CA IDMS, with additional discussions on new featues added in subsequent releases.

Interested parties may contact Angela Gurka at "Angela.Gurka@ca.com", or by calling (813) 635-7230.[color]