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How to lock subobject rows?

Question asked by jeff.christensen on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by Dave
Is there a way to lock the rows of subobjects when a project is canceled?

We've added a step to a process that fires when a project is marked as 'canceled'. The step is a "System Action" that locks the all attributes for that particular project to prevent further editing. However, the subobject rows can still be edited. So for example, it would still be possible for someone to edit past status reports even though the project is canceled. I've tried different approaches with the process toolset but none give me the option of locking all the rows of a subobject.

I've experimented with display conditions for the subpages, but the binary (display / don't display) option doesn't meet our business requirements.

Is there a way to revoke permissions via a process step so that canceled projects (and their subobjects) have view only privileges?

Thanks in advance for your help!