Remote Integration with PAM through the Web Service Utilities

Discussion created by MWNiebuhr Employee on Feb 17, 2012
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CA Process Automation Tech Tip by Michael W Niebuhr, Sr. Support Engineer, February 15, 2012

The CA IT PAM Web Service Utilities are a field developed set of utilities designed to simplify interaction and integration with CA IT PAM. The package supports interaction at two levels:

Command line interface (CLI) - that can be invoked interactively or programmatically
Java web service client wrapper - that eliminates the need to build a web service stub from the “out of the box” WSDL and works with more complex structures that be included as a library in any Java application

Using these utilities you should be able to initiate, control and track the progress of processes defined to CA IT PAM from the command line or external application very quickly.

The most current web service utility, version 1.1, written in 2013, is attached to this thread.


PLEASE NOTE: this is not supported out of the Process Automation level 1 support organization.  For assistance with using, or troubleshooting the Web Service Utilities please contact your account team to engage the Services organization.



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