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Unable to integrate custom Crystal Reports with Clarity 12.1.1

Question asked by RaviCCC on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by another_martink

We are using Clarity version 12.1.1 ( 2 002) . We are migrating our custom Actuate reports to Crystal Reports. Couple of Crystal reports I developed work perfectly well in Crystal Reports 2008 designer and BusinessObjects Server but when it is integrated with Clarity it fails. I am using Crystal Reports 2008 SP1 ( BusinessObjects server version is XI R3.

Typically this happens for Crystal report using Sub report. To illustrate this I have created a simple report

Main report has no parameter. It does nothing except calling Sub report. I have a formula field "r.person_type=301" and then I pass the formula field to sub report as parameter. Then report sub report uses the parameter in the where clause

Below is SQL in the sub report

[select, r.full_name, decode(r.person_type, 300, 'Employee', 'Contractor') Employment
from niku.srm_resources r
where r.is_active = 1 and {?filter}

When I run this report in Crystal reports 2008 designer it works fine. Then I posted this report in BusinessObjecs Repository(XI R3) and set database connections. Then run the report from server.. It successfully runs and sub report shows the data of active contractors.. Then I integrated with Clarity application. When I ran the report, the subreport shows no data. If I add any formula in the sub report referencing query fields, then it gives the error "the field is not known".

In all above instances, same database connection, schema, user name and password are used.

I checked the bg-niku.log. there is one warning "WARN 2012-02-20 15:13:47,732 [Post Condition Transition Pipeline 0] expr.omp (process_admin:33444446__BF099E5B-4A24-44F9-A3E8-691EE2CD93C4:none) Failed to bind variable using generated query: No records available from specified query."

I am not sure why the report works well in client and BOXI server but not from Clarity application. Other Crystal reports work well from Clarity application

Already I have created a case with CA, but still waiting for their response. I would like to check whether any other use has faced the same issue

We need this kind of functionality (building a formula for the criteria and passing it to subreports) for complex report. So any help to fix this is greatly appreciated

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