CA Tuesday Tip: Deploying DLP with an Admin image.

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on Feb 21, 2012
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CA DLP Tuesday Tip for 21 February 2012 published by Andrew Devine Snr. Support Engineer.

It can be time consuming to install CA DLP from the GA (General Availability) image and then add in service packs and patches, especially if you have more than one environment to deploy for example; UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and DEV (Development Environment).

An easier approach is to create an Administrative Installation Source (Admin Image) that incorporates all the required Service Packs and Hotfixes.

To create a new administrative installation source image that incorporates the fixes in the hotfix patch package:

1. Create a new source image by running the following command:

msiexec /a <Full path to original MSI>

Where the /a option creates an administrative installation source image and <Full path to original MSI> specifies the full path and name of the source image .msi file on the original CA DLP distribution media. This command launches the CA DLP installation wizard, which prompts you to specify the network location of the new source image.

2. To patch the new source image, run this command:

msiexec /a <Full path to MSI> /p <Full path to HF MSP>

Where <Full path to MSI> and <Full path to HF MSP> specify respectively the full path and name of the administrative installation source image .msi file and the Service Pack/Hotfix .msp patch package. The /a option updates an administrative installation source image; the /p option indicates a patch operation.

For more information on deploying DLP, please refer to Chapter 22 'Applying Hotfixes' of the CA DLP Platform Deployment Guide "DLP_Platform_ENU.pdf" which is available to download from the CA Support Portal ( or MyCA (