VDB 3003 issue???

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Feb 26, 2012
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Anybody out there using VDB (Visual Data Base) in IDMS? I just did an expand page on two areas in production and on the TESTCV where they use a VDB version of the production data base I am receiving a 3003 error on the two expanded areas.

I have updated the DMCL on the TESTCV with the new page size and the original page size everything appears to be correct but I still get a 3003 on these two areas?

We are running IDMS 16.0 SP7 on a z/OS 1.11.

ASGVDB 000I Virtual/DB version 5.1 for IDMS 16.0 VDB514 10/31/05
ASGVDB 001I Env=DBCV12 table 0E8AED40 updated 05/04/99 15.05

Abend Code 3003:
An attempt to validate a database page number has failed. The DBMS has retrieved a page that does not have the page number requested. Check the schema description to make sure that each file is associated with the correct external name and check to see that the page size of the area in the DMCL agrees with the actual page size.


Severity : 0

William M. Allen, Jr.