Refresh of "live" SVC

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Feb 27, 2012
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We have two SVC numbers reserved for IDMS. When changing the SVC, we create a new version of the SVC not currently in use, then switch over to the new one at the same time that the corresponding maintenance is applied.

I am in the middle of implementing the two latest maintenance packs, now called AM (accumulated maintenance by CA). This included some SVC changes, so our production CV's are still using the old SVC, while the test CV's are using the new SVC. The point being that both SVC numbers are currently in use.

Hyper APAR RO41423 sounds urgent and includes an SVC change. My thought is to refresh the SVC currently in use by the test CV's. But I have never done this to a "live" SVC. The documentation only covers the refresh command. Do the test CV's need to be shut down when this happens? What about the CICS regions that access those CV's? Any other gotcha's?

Kay Rozeboom