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Spectro Watch to alert on a % change in traffic on a port - help

Question asked by jasonheb on Feb 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2012 by dzuleta
I've only just got onto Spectrum 9.2 from 8.1 (Linux) so am new to the Watch modelling
I need to create a watch on a number of ports that alerts us on a drop in total traffic on that port of 50% or more in a 5 minute period

I've tryed to create the watch from scratch and am failing miserably - I can't seem to get beyond the "syntax error in the watch description" no matter what I try

I think I need to head down this path of
INTEGER ( ( COUNTER_DELTA( ifHCInOctets ) * 100 ) / ( INTEGER( ifSpeed ) * 300 ) )

to return the value but as I say not getting far

Any assistance appreciated